Is Cannabis Legal in Virginiav

More states are legalizing cannabis, with 19 states having it legalized recreationally. In Virginia, although recreational cannabis is legal in the state, buying it in stores is still a long time away. Hence the is cannabis legal in Virginia question is a confusing one. As recently as February, Republicans in the House of Delegates killed a regulation that would have permitted retail cannabis sales later this year.

So while it’s legal to own up to an ounce of weed for individuals 21 and older since July 1, 2021, purchasing it is still how it was a few years ago. For individuals under 21, punishments remain.

A first offense will incur a $25 fine and compulsory substance misuse therapy or training. However, it’s unclear how those projects will work and how escalated they will be.

Furthermore, it is still illegal to consume cannabis out in public or offer it to individuals in broad daylight as a gift, etc., which is still illegal. First offenses will incur a $25 fine, while a subsequent offense would add required drug treatment, and a third offense would comprise a Class 4 misdemeanor. Lastly, ownership on the grounds of a public K-12 school would comprise a Class 2 misdemeanor while it’s open.

Will Virginia Have Dispensaries?

Although recreational cannabis is legal in Virginia, the way dispensaries are set up doesn’t allow anyone to go through. Those dispensary types (ones where anyone above 21 can go in) aren’t expected to be throughout the state until 2024.

However, cannabis users can visit any of the dispensaries in Virginia with a medical card. Most make it easy for people to fill out a form with a medical advisor on their website.

Can You Get Edibles Shipped to Virginia?

Unfortunately, you cannot get edibles shipped in Virginia from other states. When state travel becomes a factor, that is when the federal government steps in. Still, you can get edibles shipped in Virginia from medical dispensaries in the state if you live in Virginia and have a medical card.

Can You Go to a Dispensary in Virginia Without a Medical Card?

At this moment, you can’t go to a dispensary without a card in Virginia, and you will most likely be unable to do so until 2024. While certain legislators are attempting to make it possible without a medical card as soon as July 1, 2022, there is a lot of conflict on how to do so.

How Do You Get a Cannabis Medical Card in Virginia?

Luckily, getting a cannabis medical in Virginia is more accessible than most people realize. Begin by booking an appointment with a certified physician capable of giving a medical card. From there, get a medical marijuana endorsement online from a state-authorized doctor. Once endorsed register online with the Virginia DoH and Board of Pharmacy.

Is Cannabis Legal in Virginia? – Conclusion

So while cannabis is legal in Virginia, the state still has a ways to go with selling it recreationally. Thus, why the is cannabis legal in Virginia question is such a confusing one. As of now, you need a card to go into a dispensary and can’t use the product in public. Regardless, it being legalized is a significant step in the right direction, especially considering how laws were on the plant years prior.


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