Cannabis vs Hemp CBD

The cannabis vs Hemp CBD debate is a common one in the industry. Pot and hemp plants contain CBD and THC alongside 540 different substances for those who don’t know. The direct contrast between the two plants is how much each compound contains.

For example, marijuana contains more THC and less CBD. In contrast, hemp contains more CBD and less THC. Above all, the advantages of CBD don’t change whether it is pot-determined CBD or hemp-inferred CBD.

Still, some random effects vary depending on which method you go with. Negative examples include an upset stomach, feeling tired, or feeling tense. Either way, the dosage and CBD type are imperative for the user to determine.

Be that as it may, how much CBD is accessible for extraction relies upon the source. Hemp plants contain undeniably more CBD, making them the more practical choice for people strictly looking for the CBD effect. Meanwhile, cannabis CBD has that high effect that’s associated with cannabis.

Nevertheless, below will highlight the pros and cons of both, outlining which is preferable depending on your needs. By the end, you’ll have a better idea if you should go with Cannabis CBD or Hemp CBD.

Cannabis CBD

Cannabis CBD contains enough THC to get users the “THC high” connected with any marijuana product. Though the THC levels vary, people prefer this CBD style for that feeling. However, if you don’t want to experience that feeling, it’s better to go with a non-THC CBD version.


  • It’s safe.
  • There’s a wide range of dosages.
  • It has a lot of medical benefits.
  • It’s natural.



  • It’s illegal in places where cannabis isn’t fully legalized.
  • The high feeling can sneak up on people.


If you’re an experienced cannabis user, cannabis CBD is the route. If you’re not, pace yourself with the dosage since higher THC levels can leave you with that high feeling for long periods. Either way, be mindful of what you’re consuming and what works best for you.

Hemp CBD

Though hemp CBD also has THC, its levels aren’t high enough for users to experience that high feeling. Thus, hemp CBD is an excellent route to consider if you’re not experienced with cannabis but want its benefits. Regardless, remember to go with a hemp CBD product that’s good quality for the best results.


  • It’s an excellent option for people who aren’t experienced with cannabis.
  • It’s legal in more places the cannabis.
  • Hemp CBD is easy to use.
  • There are several options to consider.


  • The benefits aren’t as impactful as cannabis CBD.
  • There are a lot of low-quality brands.


Hemp CBD is the perfect option for people who aren’t used to cannabis and are looking for a less impactful experience. Though there are a lot of low-quality brands in hemp CBD, its legality and ease of use make it a great option to consider.

Cannabis vs Hemp CBD Verdict

We hope you enjoyed our cannabis vs hemp CBD discussion. Though we didn’t cover everything in the subject, hopefully, there was enough information discussed to give you a good idea. Regardless, remember to discuss the subject with a dispensary or expert for more information on the matter.


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