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Whether you’re a seasoned cannabis enthusiast or just starting out we have all the products to keep you satisfied. Looking for something specific? Check out our Philadelphia Dispensary Prices for deals on:

  • A Large Selection Of High Quality Flower And Potent Strains
  • CBD Products To Improve Wellness
  • Edibles And Cannabis Related Gear
About Our Dispensary

We provide high quality and certified product from the USA

Here at Delaware Valley Cannabis delivering a full cannabis experience is why we exist.

Our foundation is built on the belief that everyone should have access to high quality cannabis and CBD products which is why our Philadelphia dispensary menu has something for everyone. Our guarantee is that you have the perfect cannabis experience whenever you shop with us.

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Learn what cannabis can do for your body and its well-being


  • Promotes relaxation Reduces stress and evokes a relaxing response within the body. This may also help any anxiety you have.
  • Relieves pain A holistic and natural alternative to manage everyday aches and pains from different conditions.
  • Increases appetite Unable to convince your body to eat? Restore your appetite in a therapeutic way.
  • Removes headache Certain cannabis strains have a positive effect on eliminating headaches both chronic and acute.
  • Fights insomnia Get some quality sleep at night without the use of synthetic sleep aids.
  • Improves mood Proven euphoric qualities have an up lighting effect on your overall mood.
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